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7 Reasons You Should Let a Professional Change Your Oil and Avoid “Quickie” Lube Shops

​7 Reasons You Should Let a Professional Change Your Oil and Avoid “Quickie” Lube Shops

Oil changes are essential to keeping your engine in good working order. You understand that.

However, there’s more to it than just a basic drain and fill. The quality of the service provider you choose is also an important consideration. If you’ve been taking your vehicle to a “quickie” lube shop, here are seven reasons you might want to rethink your decision and use a professional auto shop instead.

1. No Licensing

At most quickie lube shops, your car isn’t in the hands of a licensed mechanic. While there may be a few employees with some automotive experience, most are not specialists, and they’re not licensed, either. While you might think that something as basic as an oil change doesn’t really need the expertise of a licensed mechanic, that’s not true.

2. Understanding Your Vehicle’s Needs

With most quick oil change shops, they’ll ask you what oil you want to use, and then perform a drain and fill. What if that’s the wrong oil, though? With a professional auto shop, you can discuss your vehicle’s needs, oil performance and many other details with someone who truly knows the answers. You can determine if conventional oil is the right choice, or if you should be using full synthetic, or a synthetic blend. You might even find that you’ve been using the wrong weight the entire time.

3. Spotting Problems Quickly

Sure, workers in a quick lube shop can probably spot most major problems – an oil pan gasket leak, for instance. However, what about less obvious issues? These types of shops are focused on getting cars in and out as quickly as possible. That’s their business model, after all. With a professional shop, you know that your vehicle is being serviced by someone with years of expertise and the knowledge necessary to spot even developing problems before they become expensive headaches.

4. Full Inspections

These days, most quick lube shops offer a basic inspection. However, the veracity of that inspection is questionable. Since these aren’t licensed technicians, chances are good that they will only notice the most obvious of issues. With a licensed professional, you know that your vehicle is undergoing a thorough inspection every time you have your oil changed. From brake pads and rotors to your power steering rack, tire condition, hoses and belts, and more, it offers peace of mind and better safety on the road.

6. Handle Problems On Site

What happens if a problem is spotted during an oil change at a quick lube shop? You’ll have to take your car to a mechanic to have the issue resolved. However, if you have your oil changed at a professional auto repair shop, they have the tools, parts and knowledge needed to handle the problem right away, right on site. That saves you time, money and hassle, while ensuring that you’re getting a professional repair.

7. Schedule Upcoming Major Services

Finally, having your oil changed by professionals ensures that you are able to stay on track with factory recommended major services (most manufacturers recommend a 30k, 60k and 90k, service). You won’t have that ability with a quick lube shop.

As you can see, having your oil changed by the pros is a wise decision and allows you the peace of mind in knowing your vehicle is being properly maintained while avoiding costly problems in the future. Of course, not all shops are the same. Make sure that the one you choose employs licensed technicians, and that they offer a full range of automotive services, from oil changes to exhaust replacement and everything in between. Let us be that shop for you.


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