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Your car’s alternator is what generates the electricity to power all your car’s electrical accessories like your stereo, onboard computer, etc. On top of that, it needs to recharge your battery; so when your alternator isn’t working properly, you’re not going anywhere.

Car’s alternators are driven by your serpentine belt, which spins 2-3 times faster than your engine. That amount of spinning eventually causes the bearings, coils and magnets to wear out. Sooner or later, the alternator belt will dry out and crack too, because over time belts lose their ability to expand and contract. One sudden malfunction of these relatively inexpensive (but important) parts can have costly consequences, that’s why our qualified technicians have the expertise to detect many potential belt and car hose problems before they happen, simply by doing a visual inspection. You should also pay attention to the mileage on your car and compare it to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals to avoid having your alternator fail on you at the wrong time. 

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