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Maintaining your cooling system requires several steps. A certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician can periodically (once or twice a year) check the level of ethylene glycol or antifreeze in the system and take the necessary corrective measures. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, they should be changed every 100,000 km. 

When your vehicle is overheating, you’ll notice that the needle on the temperature gauge will be in the red zone or the warning light on the dashboard will illuminate. If this happens, it’s important that you turn off your vehicle immediately and wait for the engine to cool down. If you don’t, you could seriously damage your engine. Check the level of coolant and top up the expansion tank if necessary. Getting a tow to a NAPA AUTOPRO centre may be your best option.

The coolant pump (also called a water pump) is the most important part of the system. Your water pump is run by either a belt or gears. You can tell if the belt is too loose or if there’s a leak simply by looking at it. The coolant circulates through a closed circuit between the pump, engine, and radiator. Hoses in the circuit can get inflated or punctured, or even crack. Lastly, a minor collision or even normal wear and tear may cause the radiator to leak. In any event, it’s always wise to bring your vehicle in for an inspection or repairs by a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician.

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