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Your vehicle’s suspension ensures a comfortable ride and a safe driving experience. Proper maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations means having your suspension inspected regularly and repairing and replacing it when needed. The suspension is generally made up of shocks and springs or blades. MacPherson strut suspension, A-arm suspension, leaf-spring suspension, trailing-arm suspension, and air suspension are just some of the many types. 

Proper suspension maintenance includes regular (at least once a year) inspections to look for hydraulic fluid leaks in the shocks and damaged parts that may need to be replaced or repaired. We recommend having a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician perform all suspension inspections and maintenance. They have the expertise to detect any anomalies and the skills to repair or replace any defective parts. The normal lifespan for shocks is roughly 80,000 km.

When well maintained, the suspension enhances passenger comfort and allows you to maintain proper road handling. Besides, a suspension that’s in good condition will make your tires last longer and ensure the steering functions properly. If you notice part of your vehicle’s body riding low or if you hear scraping or knocking on uneven roads, it’s time to visit your NAPA AUTOPRO centre! 

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